25 May 2012

i love drawing...

I've been giving my 3 year-old cousin, Edyn, a hard time lately on my personal blog, but I love the kid to death. It's all her little quirks that make her not only tease-able, but one of the most colorful characters in my life. So here's a black and white study of her. Wait... what?

25 April 2012

Eets for fun.

I did a sketch of this guy and thought it would be fun to color... so I colored it.

09 March 2012

See? I can draw.

Here are some sustained poses from the stash I mentioned last post. They're in no particular order, except that this first one earned second place in the figure drawing show my last year at school. Cool.

I found my figure drawing stash!

Ok... they were never lost. Just stored under my bed since I graduated last April. But finally, after months and months of nagging myself to do it, I went through all my old figure drawings (there were, like, at least 13 pads' worth). I might post some more gestures or short drawings in the future, but for now here are a couple gestures and few 20 minute-ers. Sustained drawings get their own post.

25 February 2012


Listen. If ever you're told to dress up as a princess and you just don't want to... you can always sport a pig hat with a pink shirt. Throw in a bad attitude and you've yourself a Pissy Piggy Princess. Ta-da!