26 October 2011

Oh whale!

A professor/teacher/friend from Provo recently recommended to me the name of a woman in New York who specializes in licensing for illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, etc. She'll meet with you via Skype to give her professional opinion on your work and whether/where it will fit into the market. I will meet with her, I swear. I'm just not ready yet. Buuut... I'm getting ready. Part of that is to get excited about the possibilities, right?? I was at a store a month or so ago and saw these blank canvas bags... and I decided to buy a couple so I could paint on them. See how a painting of mine would look on a 3D object, you know? Well... I like it a lot. I normally carry a backpack or nothing, but these days I tote this bag around everywhere. The pictures don't do it justice. But pay me $300 and I'll make you your own. The theme for this one is "Oh whale!" (a campaign I've decided it is my moral obligation to share with the world).